I have known Carolynn Chamlee for about 2 years.  When I needed my horse to be moved from Knightsen to San Luis Obispo in 2011, I was unable to be a part of the trip. I put my trust in Carolynn. Satin has a particular past that makes it difficult for her to trust new people. Some may be able to handle her, but to keep her trust, especially through a “scary” situation takes a special approach and person. For this trip it was especially important that the right person handle Satin as it was her first time going into a trailer and leaving Kickin Back Ranch since her rescue in 2003. Carolynn was that person. She kept me up to date with the work that she did with Satin to prepare her for the trip and during the trip. When Carolynn arrived at the new ranch I could tell she handled Satin perfectly as Satin was standing calmly in the trailer and even though she was nervous about her new surroundings, looked to Carolynn for support as she lead her out of the trailer and walked her to me. 

When I was interested in adopting a horse at Kickin’ Back Ranch a few months later, Carolynn was the one starting to work with that horse. Again, she kept me up to date with her progress while I was considering my options.  We did not know much about this horse’s training, and Carolynn was able to provide honest input on this horse’s potential as she worked with her. I adopted the horse, Gypsy Rose, and moved her to San Luis Obispo.  When I moved Satin and Gypsy Rose back to Kickin Back Ranch, I knew Carolynn would be the best to help me further my progress with Gypsy Rose under saddle, especially with me living in Reno.

Carolynn possesses the patience and clear communication skills, including the ability to explain things in more ways than one in order to be effective that are necessary for any trainer. Not only does she display these skills with the rider, she also displays them with the horse.  She focuses on the rider being able to effectively communicate with the horse through body posture and position, and proper touch and feel.  She also focuses on having a well-rounded horse and rider team through groundwork, arena work, and trail/obstacle work. She also encourages playtime and days off with your horse to bond, reward progress or tries and avoid mental roadblocks, whether it be the horse or rider who blocks.  With Carolynn’s flexibility she accommodates my schedule as well as my needs and wants with what I’d like to accomplish with my horses. With this approach, Carolynn has helped me go from wanting to give up with my new horse, to competing in Trail Trial competition with her and earning blue and yellow ribbons. I now have a strong bond with my horse in and out of the saddle and I am a better listener to my horse and therefore a better rider.

With Carolynn’s experience and talent in teaching, she is able to help riders and horses of all levels and background. I recommend Carolynn to anyone needing starting with their new horse or needing help sprucing up their riding skills.

Sincerely, Sarah T.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of having Carolynn Chamlee as my Trainer for the past 5 years. She is reliable, professional and very good with my horse. Originally she was referred to me to work with my gelding Arabian-Appaloosa who was barely green broke. At the time I had very little horse experience and really wasn’t sure how to pursue his training or mine for that matter.  Carolynn stepped in, assessed my horse and later assessed my abilities in working with him. As far as my horse goes now, his progress has been amazing. He has gone from being an inattentive, all over the place and inconsistent horse to a well-mannered, good under the saddle enjoyable ride.

 As for the training Carolynn Chamlee has provided me, I am convinced that had it not been for her training, I might have given up on being a horse owner and ever learning riding. I have learned how to be stern (but kind), consistent and confident. She has worked me through a multitude of issues with my horse that have not only built my confidence but have contributed to a better relationship with my horse.

I have since purchased another horse that is not yet green broke and I am looking forward to having Carolynn work with her as well. I think Carolynn Chamlee would be a wonderful addition to any ranch or training facility.

Sincerely, Stephanie B.