Carolynn Chamlee has been teaching Horsemanship to both children and adults for over 15 years. Focusing on groundwork first to create a line of communication that builds a solid foundation of trust, safety, and mutual respect.  Good communication on the ground  translates to good communication under saddle, allowing the student to better understand how the horse needs to move when under saddle.

When starting to work under saddle, the student will learn the basics:  grooming and tacking up.  Students start on the lunge line so they don't have to deal with the element of steering which allows the student to concentrate on themselves.

Carolynn will also work with owners' horses on the ground and under saddle as much as requested on a regular basis or something specific.  This gives her a better understanding of how their horse thinks, responds and moves so that she can better instruct the student/owner and give suggestions to help their partnership.